Pat's office

There is no “silver bullet”, but thoughtful, skilled interventions can make a world of difference for a person/student who is floundering academically.   We all unfold as we were meant to unfold, but the context in which we are placed can make that process more difficult.

If you are concerned about your or a child’s

  • acquisition of reading skills
  • slow pace of reading
  • disinterest in reading for recreation
  • poor reading comprehension
  • difficulty with phonics
  • poor spelling
  • difficulty with organizing thoughts for writing
  • poor handwriting
  • problems with grammar
  • difficulty remembering spoken language
  • difficulty retrieving vocabulary
  • problems understanding directions/explanations
  • difficulty remembering math facts
  • difficulty remembering procedures in math
  • difficulty with word problems in math
  • poor scores on tests
  • faltering attention

then it is likely that an evaluation will help to clarify the problems and set a pathway to improving both school and life performance. If you wish to talk about whether you or a child would benefit from an Evaluation, please feel free to contact me at: 415-441-2366.